Novel Complement Research Support

Exsera BioLabs is committed to supporting original research.  We feel strongly that such work is the key to changing lives and would be honored to be part of your work.  Should you find that your research has progressed to the point where the amount of testing you need is too much for your team or if you think your work could benefit from the testing we offer we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss you work with you.   


Custom assay transfer and validation

Custom assay development and validation

Process and interpret diagnostics tests for research studies 


Ashley Frazer-Abel, PhD, D(ABMLI)

Director, Exsera BioLabs

Dr. Frazer-Abel is the Director of the Exsera BioLabs and Assistant Professor.  She brings a strong background in complement and autoimmune testing for both patient diagnostics and clinical trials, having served as Principal Investigator or Contributing Scientist for the complement and cytokine analysis for more than a hundred non-clinical and clinical trials.  In addition she has a strong interest in the development and validation of novel assays to fill diagnostics gaps.  Dr. Frazer-Abel brings with her experience of the regulatory landscape and requirements for diagnostics testing, as well as the requirements for compliance with the US FDA GLP and GCP regulations. 

V. Michael Holers, MD

Clinical Research Consultant

Dr. Holers is the Division Head of Rheumatology and is currently Professor of Medicine and Immunology and the Scoville Professor of Rheumatology. The focus of the Holers’ laboratory research efforts has been on the structure-function relationships and biologic roles of the complement system in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, using both human disease and murine model studies.  More recently his research group has moved a major focus of research activities to studying the natural history and pathogenesis of human rheumatoid arthritis (RA) prior to and immediately after the onset of clinically apparent arthritis. Dr. Holers has also directed for 15 years the Rheumatology Clinical Laboratory wherein human autoantibody testing is performed. 

Joshua Thurman, MD

Clinical Research Consultant

Dr. Thurman is Professor of Medicine and Immunology and is currently the Temple Hoyne Buell Professor of Nephrology. The primary focus of his research is the immune basis kidney disease, and his laboratory studies the underlying molecular causes of auto-immunity and inflammation. Dr. Thurman’s laboratory has also developed novel radiologic probes to detect and monitor renal inflammation by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET). Dr. Thurman oversees the Glomerulonephritis Clinic at the University of Colorado Hospital. The Glomerulonephritis Clinic cares for patients with all forms of inflammatory kidney disease, and also participates in clinical trials of new therapies and diagnostic tools for treating these diseases.


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