Exsera BioLabs is a University of Colorado laboratory located on the Anschutz Medical Campus.  Being an academic medical center laboratory gives us access to the dynamic scientific and research environment at the University of Colorado which is dedicated to patient care and improved health outcomes.  This is an ideal place where we can benefit from the invigorating research and care atmosphere to offer our compliant, high-quality testing laboratory.  Exsera BioLabs was established to deliver esoteric and standard complement testing, but our mission is to grow beyond that to offerings in the areas of autoimmunity, immune-inflammation, and translational biomarkers.  We are excited to have built this enterprise at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus to offer singular services that will benefit our clients and their endeavors.  


Exsera BioLabs is an integrated family of niche laboratories providing esoteric testing to support patient diagnostics, biomarker translation and working with clinical researchers, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies to help advance their scientific discoveries and drug development goals.  


Exsera BioLabs improves the lives of people across the world through our contributions in our niche areas to unique, high- quality diagnostics, rigorous testing for novel treatments and true translational biomarker development to fill unmet needs, particularly in rare or orphan disease.  

Core Values:


Each member of the team and the labs together strive to embody the highest level of character and integrity, owning our errors and faults while working together to see the opportunities they bring to improve.  


No member of the Exsera Biolabs nor the contributor to the work there is to be taken for granted.  The work of any of us relies on the work of others, so we work together with open communication to reach our goals. 


In addition to the commitment to our Vision and our Mission, we take pride in our work and commit ourselves to the process and success of the laboratories. 


While there are always challenges and barriers to be faced, we will seek creative approaches to   the next innovative test and to the exploration for solutions to unmet needs.  


Ashley Frazer-Abel, PhD, D(ABMLI) 

Director, Exsera BioLabs

Assistant Professor of Research, University of Colorado

Dr. Frazer-Abel brings a strong background in complement and autoimmune testing for both patient diagnostics and clinical trials for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.  She has served as Principal Investigator or Contributing Scientist for the complement and cytokine analysis for more than a hundred non-clinical and clinical trials.  In addition to work on the development of new drugs, Dr. Frazer-Abel also has deployed many of the same tests for the benefit of patient diagnostics, developing novel assays to meet unmet diagnostics needs.  Dr. Frazer-Abel brings with her a mastery of the regulatory landscape and of requirements for work in diagnostics, as well as work that has to be regulated by the US FDA under 21 CFR.  Even if your interest in working with Exsera BioLabs is in support of pure research, utilizing assays validated and tested to this level of regulatory requirement can add a robustness and reproducibility that can only help you meet the new NIH recommendations.


While the Exsera BioLabs is a new enterprise, none of the laboratory team is a novice.  The team has a minimum of five years of experience working in a regulated laboratory environment with an average of more than eighteen years of experience.  As a demonstration of our commitment to compliance, the second member of the team to be brought on board was a Quality Assurance Specialist with more than 20 years of experience in the field.